Dear self diagnosers

Dear self diagnosers

People now adays like to self diagnose themselves

They like to diagnose other people aswell

Just walking around you’ll occasionally hear “she looks anorexic” or the occasional friend saying to someone “you look depressed today”

Doing this is not okay.

Self diagnosing other people is not a thing

Self diagnosing yourself is not a thing

Something like depression isn’t an emotion either, it’s a legitimate condition that affects 5% of the worlds population

Things like that can only be diagnosed by a trusted doctor not your best friend since grade 4

It isn’t ok either to say these things as an insult

Joking about anything like this is not ok.

People who have depression, anxiety, anorexia ect. Go through many difficult things in their lives and it’s not ok for others to come along and say “oh I have depression pity me I might kill myself tonight” that’s just plain rude and ignorant

For those that believe they know the meaning to these and claim that they definitely know they have these disorders (without doctors diagnosis) here’s some definitions, and if you still believe you have one of these talk to a doctor don’t just claim you have it.




0. lack or loss of appetite for food (as a medical condition).

• an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat.




0. 1.
a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.




0. 1.
feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

Dear self diagnosers

Just stop.

Sincerely, everyone

Dear self diagnosers

Be considerate of others

Sincerely, Jacinta.


dear valentine.

dear valentine.

why don’t you notice me? its quite obvious i like you.

why do you only message me about snap streaks

why do you never talk to me

why do you always mess with my head and talk to other girls

why do you talk to other girls and not me? why?

why didn’t you ignore your friends snarky comments and just talk to me like you used to?

why are you always there, but not in the way i want you to be?

why do i always see you but you never see me?

when will you notice me?

when will you come back?

when will you turn back into the guy i knew and loved?

why do i hate you so much but love you so much more?

why are you the topic of this post?

why are you always near me but never look at me or acknowledge me?

why are you such a bloody fuckboi

but why does that make me want you more?

im sick of saying why, why,  why all the time.

maybe i should finally start blaming it on you not me. Make myself believe it wasnt my fault and that it was all yours.


just maybe

you’ll be my valentine.

Dear Valentine

please notice me

sincerely, Jacinta..

Dear students

dear students

welcome to a new school year

i hope u atleast have 1 good week

i hope u dont fail any classes and for my fellow year 10s i hope you get the grades you need to do the ATAR subjects you want next year

i hope u dont get bullied

i hope your teachers are nice

i hope your friends include you

i hope you find new friends and stay with your old friends

i hope your anxiety doesnt shoot through the roof

i hope you understand what you’re doing in your classes

i hope you have fun

i hope you get a job you like and are enthusiastic about

i hope you dont sit in gum

i hope i hope i hope

i hope all these things but i know with all of the brain cells i apparently have up there that you will do well

you will have a great mindset and you will have fun

2017 may have not been your year but lets utilise that and make 2018

the. best. year. ever.

lets make sure that noone gives anyone shit about anything

dear students

please have a great year

sincerely, Jacinta

dear students

keep your head high and your grades higher

sincerely, everyone



ah im sorry this post was so shit! usually i write everything at 12am because something inspires me to write it due to something someone said ect. but this time it took me alot more time to figure out what to write and i feel like its a bit too repetetive and doesnt have  much meaning ah im sorry i promise ya’ll im gonna work on an extremely long meaningful post for a couple of weeks and i wont post it till its definitely done and up to the standard i think it should be at

p.s i love u all and thank u all for your support and just remember if you have an issue/topic you want me to write about message me on instagram @hyxcintha and ill make sure i write it for you :)))


Dear Slut shamers

Dear society.

Why do you use the word slut?

Dear slut shamers.

Do you know the definition of the word? Because apparently not

Here. For your learning I will copy and paste the definition of slut for you so you can learn something for once;

a woman who has many casual sexual partners.

Does that sound like me?

Do you really think that telling me I am a slut would bring me down?

Make me feel like shit?


Never has and never will.

The word slut shouldn’t even have a definition

It shouldn’t even be a word. end of story

The fact that guys and girls around the world use this word constantly to describe people just annoys me

The fact that people use this word to tear down others and make them feel like absolute shit annoys me even more

People need to learn to grow the fuck up and learn new vocabulary because constantly slut shaming people isn’t going to get you anywhere

I hate the fact that many young girls are getting slut shamed for no reason whatsoever

This shit has to stop

And right now

Dear society


Sincerely, everyone

Dear slut shamers

Never, ever use the word slut ever again

Sincerely, Jacinta

Dear Mother Nature

Where’s your happy place?

If someone asked me this a month ago I probably wouldn’t of had a clue and made up some random shit about my grandmas house or something but recently I went back somewhere and I’ve realised that it’s my happy place

It’s where I spent most of my summers growing up

Where I spent time with my dad while he made the shitty puns like they do

The kind that made you laugh the hardest when you were a kid

I spent those days watching the sunset with my parents eating fish and chips

I spent the days listening to the waves crash

And listening to the small talk of those around me

I spent those days thinking the playground there was the best thing I could ever find

I spent those days letting my hair fill with salt and the sand squish between my toes

Those days were the most peaceful

The way my mother would make sure our icecream was just right and that she had the first bite before we got in the car

The way it was busy but not busy at the same time

The way our swimsuits would be filled with sand and our skin full of salt

The way we would spend hours laughing together.

I was happy then.

We all were.

Dear Mother Nature

Thank you for creating such a lovely place

Sincerely Jacinta.

Dear Mother Nature again

Thank you for making Scarborough beach a beautiful peaceful place for people to enjoy

Sincerely, everyone.

Dear 2018

Dear 2018…

Please be kind to us

Please be kind to humanity

I know it didn’t start too well with all the drama around Logan Paul

But please let’s make 2018 great from here onwards

Please help push away all of the negativity in the world

Bring all of humanity peace and happiness

Make the suicide rates go down

And find a cure for cancer

And get rid of diseases

Please make 2018 not mine but everyone’s year

Please bring everyone happiness and help everyone become closer with their loved ones

Please bring us all peace, love and happiness

I know I’ve said peace and happiness multiple times but they are the main things 2018 needs

Please help put 2017 aside aswell as all of the anxiety and depression 2017 brang

Please just make this year better

Dear 2018

Please don’t fuck it up

Sincerely everyone.

Dear 2018

Please please please bring the world peace love and happiness

Sincerely Jacinta.

Dear 2017

Dear 2017

Why did you decide to be a bitch to me?

Why did you make my life a living hell for a year?

Why did you make my family fall apart?

My friendships fall apart?

And my mental health shatter to pieces?

Why have you decided that having a bad day was a terrible idea and instead have a bad year?

Why did you make me loose friends?

Why did you make me so awkward?

Why did you make half the people I know hate me?

Why did you decide that having problems at home wasn’t good enough and decide that people at school needed to give me shit as well

Why did you make me spend all those nights crying myself to sleep?

Why did you make those people start rumours?

Why did you make all those great days turn to shit as soon as I got home?


Dear 2017

Why are you such a cunt?

Sincerely, Everyone

dear 2018

Please be better than 2017

Sincerely, Jacinta